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Esprit is a recognised centre of excellence and our gymnasts have competed at the highest level, including many World Championships, The Commonwealth Games and Olympics.

All children begin (and most stay) within our artistic programme, but at any point in their journey, we may recommend they move to one of our other disciplines.

We regularly assess children as to their suitability for all disciplines and try to place them where they will achieve their best.

But, before accepting them we ensure all parties understand...

...being asked to join any Esprit discipline is a privilege few ever achieve.

It is a responsibility to be taken very seriously by all concerned and if your child is asked to join any gymnastic discipline, we will give you information to help you understand what we do, why we do it and what your role is, as your child’s biggest fan (and taxi driver).

Our overall role however, always remains the same: to see your child grow into a fit, healthy, happy, well balanced individual and discover the champion within.


Top artistic gymnasts must develop many different attributes: strength, balance, flexibility, spatial awareness and grace being some of the most important.

They also must possess psychological qualities such as the courage to attempt extremely difficult moves and have the ability to compete under intense pressure on four completely different pieces of equipment – floor, vault, bars and beam.

To achieve all this takes many years of extremely hard work, as well as the self-discipline and work ethic to practice a routine many, many, many times.


Includes elements of classical ballet, superb choreography, dexterous handling skills, amazing co-ordination, incredible flexibility and strength, it is one of the most beautiful spectacles of any sport on the Olympic programme.

Competitors perform short routines to music using hand apparatus including a ball, clubs, rope, hoop or ribbon – on a floor area measuring 13m by 13m.

The sport includes individual, duet, trio and group routines and like artistic gymnasts, rhythmic requires years of hard work and dedication to achieve the results required to perform at the highest level.

Only those gymnasts who are fully committed to their team-mates and club are ever considered for a place in this exceptional group of athletes.


Enables people of all ages and abilities to participate and rather than being selected, gymnasts audition for a place in Esprit’s renowned display team.

They perform synchronized, choreographed routines in groups and there are no age limits once over 7.

Esprit performs at many non-competitive festivals around the UK and Europe, including EuroGym, a Gymnaestrada generally held somewhere in Europe and often sees more spectators and participants than in the Olympics.

Only those gymnasts who are fully committed to their team-mates and club are ever considered for a place in this exceptional group of athletes.

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